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Pastor Nancy Mercier, ND

Holistic Spiritual Arts Practitioner

Charity Fundraiser Events

Dates to be Announced - Pastor Nancy Mercier will be hosting fundraising events as part of her mission in helping raise money for charities she supports through Arcadia Angelic Sanctuary Interfaith Ministry® (AASIM), including, raising funds for the new 800 sqft. Interfaith Ministry & Holistic Wellness Place, currently under construction, that will include a healing garden, shrine and small chapel or gazebo, as well as, a camping and picnic area to accommodate outdoor services and events, such as, weddings, memorials, meditations, bbq's and group activities. Some of the merchandise, products and services available for fundraising are provided or offered by: Peter Stone Jewelry, Kehops International, Hay House and other merchants. Please Support Pastor Nancy Mercier's Charity Fundraising Efforts by Making a Donation Now - Thank You!

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New Book Release

Winter/Spring 2019 - “The Science and Spiritual Dimension of Dreams and Dreaming” by Pastor Nancy Mercier, ND - published through Arcadia Angelic Sanctuary Interfaith Ministry® (AASIM) - can help you interpret and reveal the visions of your dreams to create the future you desire for yourself, in addition to helping you develop and expend your psychic and spiritual healing abilities. Rediscover what ancient dreamers knew, that through dreaming you can become an active co-creator of your future, bringing positive energy and insights from a deeper spiritual reality or dimension into your physical world. There is nothing like a dream to create the future" - Victor Hugo, Les Misérables 

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Giving Thanks

The most common way of celebrating Thanksgiving is by enjoying an abundance of food with family and friends. Knowingly or not, people everywhere engage in a powerful abundance ritual during Thanksgiving. However, add intent to the celebration, and you multiply that power exponentially! Some ideas on adding intent may include, expressing gratitude to Mother-Earth for her bounty, which would naturally include treating her with the utmost respect. Whenever possible, choose the gentlest ways to celebrate: for example, choose organic and local food whenever possible. 

On Thanksgiving morning, light an orange candle and/or hold a clear quartz crystal stone in your non-dominant hand, and write down on paper of your choice, 100 things your grateful for. Then fold up your paper into a small square and hold it between your two palms, with your hands in prayer pose. Close your eyes and visualize or imagine a golden, honey-like light of abundance pouring down over you as you feel gratitude radiating out from your heart. Place the paper under the candle, and allow it to burn out, or place it under the crystal stone instead. 

Eat mindfully, and consider all the countless ways your food or meal is a blessing. The farmers, the rain, the sunshine, the field-workers, the drivers, the grocers, the preparation, and all the little details that made it taste divine. Marvel at the vast web of interconnection contained within each bite. Take note of the abundance. Savour it. Look at all the food, all the loved ones, all the things that you have an abundance of, and really feel how blessed you are. Profoundly treasure this moment as well as, each person and pet/animal in your presence. Express your love and adoration deeply, as if it were your last chance to do so in this world. Enjoy your meal and company. 

Happy Thanksgiving and Blessed Be!

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